The Wind Vane of Chinese Tea Industry

A World-Leading Tea Trade Platform The Global Tea Fair is a pioneer and leading tea industry trading display platform in the world. It is a one-stop trading platform for professional tea industry agents, distributors, franchisees and investors to buy and sell customizable tea products of all types.

As the wind vane for global tea industry and carnival for tea lovers around the world, the 27th Global Tea Fair in China (Shenzhen) Autumn was held for 5 days (December 30, 2022-January 3, 2023). The 2022 Shenzhen International Tea Ware and Aesthetic Design Week was held at the same time. More than 1000 tea enterprises from 69 domestic tea producing areas Government -enterprise collaboration has led tea enterprises in producing areas into the Tea Expo which serves as a window and platform to strengthen publicity, expand sales channels, and promote the development of tea industry.

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